Aaron Campbell


in the stunning city of Perth, Western Australia. I've been working in construction for the past several years, but have recently given it all up to follow a path I'd put on hold - and re-enter the world of visual arts.


to create... all kinds of things, from photos to sketches to pictures to 3d models... even creating things out of brick and wood. I've just finished my Bachelor in Animation at Qantm College. Now I'm off to learn, live and laugh some more. Have a wander around my site if you so desire


married to a beautiful and creative woman - Laura :D    She has her own blog site with amazing recipes with photos of food so good you'll want to lick your screen. Take a look:       laurasmess.wordpress.com



Certificate III Technology ( Interactive Media ) 

Certificate IV Technology ( Interactive Media ) 

Diploma Technology ( Interactive Media ) 

Advanced Diploma Art & Design ( Animation ) 

Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment ( Animation ) 

  • Name Aaron Campbell
  • Location Perth, Western Australia